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Smart Ideas for Staying Connected to the People During Lockdown

The spread of coronavirus is changing the way we live and work, and within this new habit, the development of our fundamental need for relationships is more important than ever. Whether you work remotely or are separated from your family or loved ones, everyone keeps trying to connect, and maintaining awareness of relationships can be particularly difficult.  You can do things like sending a letter or even a hamper. You may also have a virtual romantic dinner with your lover. But there are still more. Here are the ideas to stay connected with your family, friends, or boyfriend during this pandemic lockdown.

stay connected with sending a nostalgic photo

Share Nostalgic Fun Photo

This is an opportunity to be creative to feel connected and close during this period of separation. We exchange humorous memories in a long family context, and my mother writes reviews of our youth in the 1980s. While she is no longer with us, the awareness of having accomplished something in this difficult time seems like a distant embrace.

Send Out a FunNY Video

My group works from home, so we have established remote access with daily email communication and registration. It is also important to make sure that communication is not work-related. We have circulated, inspiring, positive, and fun images and films. This will help ensure that staff remain involved and help to alleviate any feelings of isolation and fear.

Cook the Same Recipe Over Skype

stay connected with these tipsAs someone who has long been among my favorite hobbies, we created virtually the same recipe together through Skype. It is interesting and easy to do with friends and loved ones when you are socially distant – it is also a great opportunity to try out a new recipe!

Host an Online Book Club

My book collection is in great demand for a personal meeting about wine, food, and entertainment in a conversation about our publication. We have decided that we prefer to hold our meeting on the Internet with videoconferencing software. I look forward to seeing my friends, even if only online, and I am looking forward to reviewing our publication. The best thing about almost meeting is that our dear friend, who lives in Singapore, can attend!

Set Up Virtual Playdates

We use FaceTime more often, and my younger children use a program called Caribu that allows them to paint and play on the screen with their friends, like electronic play dates. Social networks are a great thing right now. It feels good to discuss technologies in such a favorable light.

Move Your Meetings to Videocall

Our technical advice is typically event-based, and we completely lack time to peel and feed on each other’s energy! We used Zoom to hold virtual reality meetings, to inform our clients, and to meet everyone. We have also changed all of our internal board meetings to video calls, and we are thinking of having a digital barbecue!

Watch the Same Shows as Your Friends

Fern, this is an adjustment for many of our over 500 employees working in five different offices across the country. We have created a dedicated call stream called “What do you see?” so employees can participate and share the programs and movies they are watching and exchange laughter and perspectives in real-time. In the last two weeks, as the pandemic crisis has escalated, this is now a meeting place for many employees where they can find some light-heartedness, talk to other colleagues who may be in a “tide of information,” and have a brief escape to a pleasant and carefree shared experience.

Have an Online Coffee Dates

Since most of us are in a social distance situation, I started to ally myself with my tribe through an internet saber. It is a great way to share positive information and encourage each other, and it is super easy to organize. Personal contact is so important when we feel isolated, and drinking coffee at home is a fantasy.