Hits Female Singers in 2020

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Selena Gomez

Despite the setbacks in your business, 2020 has seen some shots resonate a lot – five months this year, and artists have dominated. From Selena Gomez’s “Rare,” the best list of her career to date, to Lady Gaga’s triumphant return with “Chromatica,” women have released many of the most critical music releases of the year. We have stacked the first 15 women’s magazines that the year 2020 has had to offer.

“Rare” is by far the biggest Gomez album to date. It’s so refreshing to obey its rhythm that the soda veteran. “Rare” masters his whispered vocal style better than ever. He finds strength in off-key explanations of electricity and finds someone who is supportive and reliable even in moments of boredom, which burns toast and becomes predictable. Gomez proves that he doesn’t need flashy tweezers or hooks to show off his power. “Ring” is an ugly B… a hymn that winks and fresh instead of exemplary and is not adapted to Spotify’s playlist algorithm.
This list seems to insist on this: never confuse calm with weakness.


Halsey’s composition is more penetrating and creative than ever in her third studio album, her best album. With “You’ll have to be sad,” she struggles with rural anguish, with “I hate everyone” she opens her heart, with “3 am” she screams to her friends, and with “Finally / Beautiful Stranger” she walks softly and tenderly. At worst, she is his vulnerable, the most beautiful, the most beautiful, and undeniably the most powerful. Also, “Manic” has been included in our genre-neutral band among the 13 best albums of the year.



Almost every second of the list of the nine tracks of this EP is incoherent, revitalized, and fascinating. It’s 24 minutes of pure Megan – when she performs a specific self-defined gospel vulnerability on “Crying in the Car” or when she understands how to be elegant, bougie, daring and evil, all at the same time with the hottest “Savage,” which became better and more popular only when BeyoncĂ© came on board. She’s not the patron saint of Sexy Girl Summer; if Megan can cook that well, you don’t know what heights to expect, and it’ll be a while before she’s ready.


Kehlani is undoubtedly one of the most talented and reliable vocalists on the market today. Still, she is often deprived of constant solo releases for her fans, so we want a coherent view of herself and her world. “It was Good Until It Wasn’t,” the long-awaited sequel to her debut in 2017, fits this desire perfectly. It allows Kehlani to become the center of attention, even though this record is much more heartbreaking than her duties. She centralizes her opinions, and this closeness – along with her singing – also creates the kind of publicity she was born for.